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Civil Engineering

JVG Civil Engineers  is a professional engineering firm that specializes in commercial and residential civil site design and civil engineering services.  We apply our experience and expertise so that your project will be a success.  We can function as a development partner through the conceptual, design, and the construction phases of your project.  We are committed to providing each project with personal attention in communication, presentation of solutions, and attention to bottom line.  Our engineering services include:



Civil Engineering Services

Environmental Inspection Coordination

Grading and Drainage Design

Earthwork Volume Analysis and Reporting

Streetscape Improvement

Road Rehabilitation/Widening Design and Permitting

DOT Intersection Design and Permitting

Utility Design and Coordination

Erosion, Sediment and Pollution Control Plans

NPDES Permitting, Inspection, Stormwater Monitoring

Site Permitting with all Relevant Agencies

Sinkhole Analysis and Investigation

Parking Lot Assessments

Specification Preparation

Full Range of Stormwater Design and Permitting

Chattahoochee Corridor and ARC Vulnerability Analysis



Conceptual/Due Diligence

Feasibility Studies


Special Use Case

Site Assessment

Cost Estimates

Regulatory Impact Research

Land Planning

Full Color Renderings



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